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There’s nothing worse than your boiler packing in. Freezing cold temperatures with no hot water for baths or showers. This can be a total nightmare for families in East Kilbride. Never mind all the stress and hassle it brings, you’re also going to be a fair amount out of pocket. We try make things as easy and hassle free as possible with our ‘super fast’ quote times and 0% FINANCE & BUY NOW PAY LATER options available.

Make sure you pick the right team to do the job and you don’t end up with an underpowered or over the top boiler. Having the right boiler for your needs is the key to having a hassle free energy efficient boiler replacement.



Broken Boilers

Having a faulty or broken boiler can be a nightmare. In wintertime, it can mean a cold and unwelcoming home. This is particularly problematic for older people or those with young children or pets. All year round, a broken boiler can mean no hot water for washing and bathing. This can literally grind your life to a standstill. That’s why we know it’s so important to get your new boiler installed quickly and with as little fuss and mess as possible.

Fully Qualified Team

Our fully qualified team will take all the stress out of your gas boiler installation, ensure your home is kept clean and tidy during the process, and will always be able to answer any questions you might have. There’s no need to wait, in fact. Give us a call today if you have any questions or want to discuss the type of boiler you might need.

We’ve got a dedicated team of boiler installation experts and heating advisers who have dealt with just about every type of home in the East Kilbride area, so there’s nothing that surprises us. We have an excellent track record in the plumbing and heating trade, and our goal is to give local landlords and homeowners the very best service possible.

A-rated energy efficient boilers mean you get to heat your home without costing the earth- and without costing as much money as you might expect, either. Energy-efficient boilers keep energy bills much lower. When you think that heating your home can contribute to up to 60% of your yearly energy costs, that could be a massive saving. Another bonus of energy-efficient condensing boilers is that they tend to have a longer life than traditional boilers, so that’s a long term saving, too.

Combi Boilers

If your East Kilbride home doesn’t have a lot in the way of free space, don’t worry. We don’t have to install a massive boiler in order for you to get the benefits of an energy-efficient system. Some combi boilers are really quite small and excellent for space-saving. Some can fit into the corner of a kitchen, or even inside a kitchen cupboard. Many of the newer combi boilers have super-quick hot water flow- great for when you need to get the family moving on a morning.

System Boilers

For larger properties with multiple bathrooms or showers, sometimes a system boiler is best. This can prevent the slight pressure drops that can happen when there is extremely high demand for hot water on a combi boiler. System boilers can also maintain a more even temperature around a larger home. This is why it’s always worth having a chat with one of our heating experts. We can advise you on what the most cost-effective and efficient heating solution is for your home. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to boilers, and we can work out what’s going to be best for you and your family.

Oil Powered Boilers

For those that might not have access to a mains gas supply, we can still help out. We can advise on the installation of a brand new oil-powered boiler. Oil boilers can also be combi boilers or oil system boilers, so there are still plenty of options depending on the type of set up you’ve got in your home. One of our heating experts will discuss the space you have and how many people live with you, and come up with the best solution for keeping you warm at any time of the year.

We love nothing more than getting our clients back on track in a timely manor. We’re based near in East Kilbride, and we’re always happy to hear from anyone with any concerns about their boiler or heating system. We’re passionate about providing the best boiler installation service, and we want to make the whole process as easy for you as possible.

Brands you can trust

Cheap parts offer false economy, more likely to need regular replacement. We use the names you know and the brands you trust, to give you complete peace of mind:

– Glow-worm
– Baxi
– Ideal
– Main
– Potterton
– Ferroli
– Worcester
– Vaillant
– Viessman

All of our parts and boilers are brand new, with their original warranties. You’re protected in case anything goes wrong


Why not contact My Boiler Replacement today? We’re the trusted choice for boiler replacement in East Kilbride and surrounding areas.




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