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Are you in need of a new boiler quick?

There’s nothing worse than your boiler packing in. Freezing cold temperatures with no hot water for baths or showers. This can be a total nightmare for families in Hamilton. Never mind all the stress and hassle it brings, you’re also going to be a fair amount out of pocket. We try make things as easy and hassle free as possible with our ‘superfast’ quote times and 0% FINANCE & BUY NOW PAY LATER options available.

Make sure you pick the right team to do the job and you don’t end up with an underpowered or over the top boiler. Having the right boiler for your needs is the key to having a hassle free energy efficient boiler replacement.



Enjoy the comforts of a new boiler in the Hamilton area

When the temperature plummets during the colder months of the year, you’ll appreciate having a boiler that kicks out the required heat to keep your space nice and toasty.

If your boiler isn’t delivering on producing the desired heat output, or it frequently needs fixing, it could be time to think about getting a new boiler.

There are lots of advantages to getting a new boiler installed. Not only do you get peace of mind that your heating system isn’t going to pack up during the coldest day of the year, but a new energy-efficient, A-rated boiler can slash your energy bills in the long run. Studies show that you can lower your central heating costs by up to 40% with a new boiler, which can equate to a saving of over £200. With this in mind, contact us to see how we can save you money on your heating bills.

Expert assistance

There are lots of things to think about when opting for a new gas boiler installation, so it’s a good idea to do your homework and seek expert advice and opinion. After all, when you’re shelling out a healthy sum for a new boiler, it’s vital that you make the right investment for your space.

A boiler company can give you guidance on your different options, but be aware that some boiler installers might steer you towards products that they are incentivised to sell. These might not necessarily be the most efficient, cost-effective or suitable for your needs.

At our boiler replacement Hamilton company, however, we don’t operate that way. We take our customers’ requirements into consideration, providing a range of options that work best for you – not us! We appreciate that getting a new boiler installed can be a complex decision, so we’ll happily answer any questions you may have. Why not get in touch today?


There are various different kinds of boilers to choose from. Which type you go for depends on factors such as your budget, size of property and number of users, but you should also ponder the different brands, energy ratings and running costs. Again, this is something our knowledgeable boiler replacement Hamilton engineers can assist with.

Combination boiler

Also known as a combi boiler, this is the most popular kind of boiler, found in more than half of all households in the UK. A combi boiler provides central heating and hot water, eliminating the need to have a separate hot water tank. Since combi boilers are compact, this makes them a great choice for small spaces. The added bonus is that combi boilers are also energy efficient, as you only heat the water that you need at a particular time.

Combi gas boiler installation is also relatively straightforward compared to other options, and if you do need to use our boiler replacement Hamilton services or repairs, we also make this a stress-free process.

System boiler

A system boiler provides central heating but heats your water through a hot water storage cylinder. It doesn’t require a cold water storage tank, however, so this type of boiler system is still a good option for small spaces. The beauty of a system boiler is that you won’t experience a loss of water pressure when you demand hot water from different sources at once. Since a lot of the heating components are built into the system boiler, this also makes it a fairly straightforward installation job for our engineers.

Oil boiler

An oil boiler is a popular choice for those who don’t have access to a gas network, such as homes located in rural areas. Oil burners use oil, which is stored in a tank, to generate heating and hot water. This means you’ll need space to store a tank and you’ll have to order your oil supplies in to keep it topped up. As with gas boilers, you can also get combi and system oil burners.

Whichever option you choose, it’s a wise idea to find out what level of warranty you can expect. At our boiler replacement Hamilton business, we provide manufacturer warranties up to 10 years, as well as workmanship cover, for comforting reassurance. You can also rest easy knowing that we only supply the top brand names in the business that offer the highest levels of efficiency and reliability. We’re also Gas Safe Registered, for additional peace of mind.

Brands you can trust

Cheap parts offer false economy, more likely to need regular replacement. We use the names you know and the brands you trust, to give you complete peace of mind:

– Glow-worm
– Baxi
– Ideal
– Main
– Potterton
– Ferroli
– Worcester
– Vaillant
– Viessman

All of our parts and boilers are brand new, with their original warranties. You’re protected in case anything goes wrong

If you’re looking for a new boiler in the Hamilton area, from a trusted installer that puts customers’ needs first and foremost, why not fill out our boiler form today for a price-competitive quote?




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