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Electric Boilers Glasgow

An electric boiler could be the ideal heating solution for homes without mains gas, or indeed anyone who wants a quieter, more efficient boiler that can be installed virtually anywhere in your home. Unlike traditional gas boilers, electric boilers do not require a flue or external outlet wall, meaning there is much greater flexibility in terms of installation location. What’s more, they are some of the quietest and most efficient boilers around, meaning they are well worth considering if you’re looking for an alternative to gas. We can also add or replace with new radiators if your existing ones just aren’t putting out enough heat to heat your room.

Electric Boilers Fully Fitted In Glasgow

My Boiler Replacement offers a comprehensive range of advanced electric boilers, with a team of experienced installers working throughout the Glasgow area. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new electric boiler or just want some advice on whether an electric boiler could be the right choice for your property, we will be more than happy to assist you and answer your questions. Our quotes are completely free and provide you with a fixed price for the work, meaning you can buy a new electric boiler for your Glasgow home with total confidence.

How does an electric boiler work?

Instead of using gas to generate heat, electric boilers work by taking mains electricity to heat an element within the boiler. As water passes through the system and over these elements, it is heated and then circulated throughout the central heating system.

There are several different types of electric boilers, including:

Direct Acting Electric Boilers: These use a heating element to warm up cold water on demand, much like a gas combi boiler. This is the most popular type of electric boiler, and also the simplest.
Storage Electric Boilers: This type of boiler uses a hot water tank to store water, which can either be built-in or external to the unit. While more expensive than direct acting electric boilers, the advantage is that they can heat water overnight when electric is usually cheaper.
Combined Primary Storage Units: Electric CPSU boilers are capable of storing and heating large volumes of water extremely quickly. Their size means they are mostly found in commercial premises.
Dry Core Storage Boilers: Electricity is used to heat water at night, which is then released into the water when required during the day.

Storage v. non-storage electric boilers

The main advantage of storage-based electric boilers is that they can heat water during the night when demand is lower and electricity is subsequently much cheaper. This makes them less costly to run, but also restricts access to hot water. Boilers incorporating storage cylinders also take up more space, so may not be suitable for all homes.

Is an electric boiler right for me?

An electric boiler can be a great choice for homes without access to mains gas. What’s more, they run in near silence and don’t require a flue or outlet to be fitted, which means they can be installed in places where it wouldn’t be possible to fit a gas boiler – perfect if you need more flexibility. Since there are fewer components, they are also quicker and cheaper to install.

The other main advantage of electric boilers is that they are extremely efficient, with many boasting efficiency rates of 99% or more. With no requirement for gas, they’re also a more sustainable method for heating your home.

What about the drawbacks?

Electric boilers usually cost less than gas boilers, but they’re more expensive to run since the price of electricity is usually significantly higher than gas. Electric boilers also sometimes find it more difficult to cope with high water demand, so that’s something to bear in mind if you have a larger household. You’ll also need to remember that reliance on electricity means you could be left without heating or hot water during a power cut.

Electric boiler installation in Glasgow

If you’re thinking about getting an electric boiler, there’s no need to look any further than My Boiler Replacement Glasgow. As the local boiler installation experts, we can help you find the right boiler for your home and are here to make sure everything is totally hassle-free.

Get in touch today for your free quote. Our prices are fixed, with no nasty surprises or added extras. You can rely on us to provide straightforward, honest advice you can trust.

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