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How much will a new boiler cost?



New Combi Boilers start from £1450. There are many reasons why you may be looking for a new boiler, such as your boiler has stopped working, maintenance issues or reducing your energy costs. One of the most popular times to install a new boiler is following a house move when unknown issues tend to crop up.

Purchasing a new boiler is something which you will need to give some thought, as there are a variety of models, types and prices available. This guide will give you a detailed insight into how much a boiler is likely to cost and important factors you should consider.

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What is a reasonable price for a new boiler?

The actual cost of the boiler is determined by several factors, such as the price of the boiler unit, the labour involved, installation costs and any additional components required.

Depending on the boiler and installation, there are a number of additional components which may be needed. For example, you may be switching from a system boiler to a modern conventional type of boiler. In this situation, you would also need to have a cold-water storage tank and an expansion tank installed.

Alternatively, the labour costs involved may need to include removal of existing components. A common example is when combi boilers are installed, as the existing expansion, hot and cold tanks will need to be removed. This is because the new combi boiler will heat water on demand, rather than storing pre-heated water.

These are all aspects which you will need to consider when calculating the cost of your new boiler. Many people now a days are asking for ‘smart heating controllers’ such as Hive so they can control the boiler from their phone at anytime. The following prices are the average costs for the various boiler types, including any anticipated additional costs. All prices are based on boiler types offering 24kW to 30kW of power.


The Cost of A New Boiler
Boiler Type (24kW – 30kW)
The installation costs will also vary; however, the below figures will provide the rough average cost you could expect to pay.

1) Replacing combi boiler with a combi boiler from £1450

2) Replacing system boiler to combi boiler from £1750

3) Replacing conventional boiler to combi from £1850

4) Back boiler to combi replacement from £1950

5) Full heating system- Boiler and up to 7 radiators and pipework from £2800

6) If the boiler needs moved position to another room +£300.

* please note all costs are estimate and vary in price depending on individual setups and boiler requirements.
** many homes are now opting for an additional smart controller which means the boiler can be controlled via a mobile phone. We can install and setup Hive active heating for an additional cost of £140.

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How to simplify choosing a new boiler

We know that it can be confusing to decide which new boiler to install. There are many models, brands and sizes available, however, it is possible to simplify your decision. We offer a quick quote request service, where you will be able to receive a very competitive quote. There is no obligation to proceed. Currently our boiler prices have a £200 DISCOUNT so be quick to ensure you get booked while this offer lasts.


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 When should I buy a new boiler?

Once you know exactly how much your new boiler is likely to cost, you will be able to make an informed decision about when to replace your boiler. This ideal time is likely to depend on your individual situation, although the following factors will influence when you should buy your new boiler.

  • Your boiler breaks beyond repair – If your boiler has broken down, it may cost more to repair the unit than to replace entirely. The obvious solution in this situation is to ask a heating engineer to replace your boiler as it does not make financial sense to repair your existing boiler.
  • Poor energy efficiency – if your boiler has been in use for many years, it may not meet the latest energy efficiency standards. The poorest performing boilers carry a G rating, with the most energy-efficient awarded an A++ rating. If your boiler has a rating of D, E, F or G, we recommend replacing with an A-rated boiler.
  • Poor capacity – If your current boiler is unable to heat your home, you need a larger boiler. For example, a 3- or 4-bedroom average size property will require a 28kW to 34kW boiler.
  • Increasing value – If you are planning to sell your property, installing a new boiler will add value to your home. The improved heating capacity and efficiency will increase value and help lower energy costs while you remain in the property.
  • Age – It is recommended that boilers should be replaced every 15 years. As boilers begin to age, they start to incur high maintenance and repair costs. A new boiler is likely to save you money.


Considerations when purchasing your boiler

Once you decide that you need a new boiler, there are some other factors to consider when you are deciding which boiler to install. The following are four aspects which we would advise you carefully consider.

  • Professional engineer – Always seek the advice of a professional heating engineer. They will be able to assess your exact heating requirements and suggest a boiler type.
  • Your property – The unique configuration of your home is likely to impact your decision. For example, your current boiler setup could lend itself to a quick installation of a certain type of new boiler. The size of your home will also have an impact on the type of boiler you require. The larger the property, the larger the capacity of boiler you will require to heat your home.
  • Reliability – A boiler is an essential part of your home and will need to last for many years. We always recommend choosing a reliable system from a reputable and trusted brand. Although it may not be the cheapest option, the frequency of breakdowns will be less.
  • Energy efficiency – Always consider the potential savings you could make by installing an energy-efficient boiler. Although it may cost more initially, there will be savings on fuel costs over the years.
  • We know that sourcing a new boiler is not a quick and easy decision, however, our team of qualified engineers are here to help. To find a reliable and qualified engineer, you need to compare their services and prices. We are here to help you every step of the way, so you find the ideal boiler at the best possible price.

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