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Why do boilers breakdown?

In the main, modern combi boilers are strong, sturdy and resilient appliances that provide central heating and hot water with no fuss for many years, but behind the boiler cover is an array of complicated technology and advanced engineering and it’s not to say you won’t encounter a time when your boiler broke down.

There are dozens of important components in a condensing boiler, all of which need to work with each other in harmony, and if one of these components fails or stops working effectively, then this can lead to a chain reaction of failures across the rest of the boiler. Let us have a look at the many reasons why boilers breakdown.

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Older boiler breakdowns

Frequently, age is an issue in boiler breakdowns. Corrosion and rust can rot through internal components and cause leaks and mechanical failure. Debris and gunk can accumulate and stop the mechanics of the boiler from working, or stop water from properly flowing through it.

But the increased risk of a broken gas appliance is not the only reason people should consider investing in a newer appliance. Modern combi boilers boast energy efficiency ratings of over 90% – far greater than that offered by older boilers – and replacing your boiler with an A-rated appliance could see your gas bill fall by up to a third.


Mechanical boiler breakdown – interconnecting pipework

Mechanical boiler breakdowns aren’t all necessarily caused by a problem within the boiler, but might instead be because of a problem in the interconnecting pipework, such as the plumbing and radiators.

Air, gunk and other debris can become caught up in your plumbing and stop water from circulating properly, or can infiltrate the boiler and damage its internal components. For this reason, people should consider flushing their central heating system out before they receive a new boiler.


Cold weather and frozen plumbing

Boilers are more likely to break down in winter than in the summer, and this isn’t solely because boilers work overtime in the cold weather! When the temperature drops below zero, standing water in pipes and in the boiler itself can freeze solid.

The condensate pipe, which removes steam and condensation from your boiler, can freeze shut, preventing the boiler from working.


Annual gas boiler services

Because boilers are so complicated, they should be serviced annually. A gas boiler service is not too dissimilar to a car service; in both instances, professional and qualified specialists will look at every component to ensure it is working properly and effectively. Annual boiler services greatly increase the life expectancy of a boiler and significantly reduce the likelihood of a boiler breakdown.

Gas boiler services also have energy-efficiently implications – a malfunctioning boiler is likely to burn through gas far more rapidly than it should do, which can see energy bills skyrocket.

So what to do when a boiler breaks down? With a boiler breakdown cover and annual service plan in place you can enjoy an excellent level of protection that will ensure you won’t have to deal with a central heating breakdown for a moment longer than necessary, and that will minimise the likelihood of your boiler breaking down in the first place!

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